Friday, June 8, 2018

#SP500 $ES_F #daytrading #algotrading : 12 points

I continue SP500 daytrading using the statistics-based algorithm. The algo has generated only one trade during the last 5 trading days. It was a successful trade, 12 points. The algo needs another 7 points win to fully recover from the big loss. Year to date in 2018 the algorithm generated 70 points per one emini contract.


  1. I would love to learn the perameters of your bot, looks interesting. Did you compare to IBD's bot? It's open source, take a look the gains are fantastic.

    1. I am going to publish some basic principles. Bot itself is not for public yet. Thanks for IBD.

    2. Did you follow GPRE as i recommended, good gains since we met

    3. Adil came yesterday and I finally realized that we already met before. That was very good call on GPRE.