Friday, June 1, 2018

#macro #trend #SP500 $ES_F Naked Calls : entry #2

With 10 days left to expiration, the previous 2905 /ES naked call has about zero chance to finish in the money.  SP500 is having an uptrend day thus providing a chance to renew the short position. This is a macro-trend trade based on the idea that in rising rate environment SP500 has a limited potential for a rapid appreciation.  In this case,  theta decay is the right instrument to play around.

Exec Time Spread Side Qty Pos Effect Symbol Exp Strike Type Price Net Price Order Type
6/1/2018 11:47 SINGLE SELL -1 TO OPEN /ESU8 1/50 JUL 18 (Wk3) /EW3N8 2915 CALL 1.1 1.1 LMT


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